Air Quality: Inspecting the HVAC system (heating/cooling) is an important part of every Home Inspection performed by JCM Building Services.

Here on the Treasure Coast, most Port St. Lucie home buyers are purchasing short sales or foreclosures. Whenever a property becomes distressed, the maintenance of the AC filter, coil, and duct work are often the first thing to be neglected. Inspection after inspection of these properties, usually ends with a recommendation that the coil be cleaned.

Recently, I met with Gina at Forward Electric & Air Conditioning.  Forward Electric is a family owned business with long history of service on the Treasure Coast.  We were discussing air quality and in particular, neglected AC systems. Gina informed me that many homeowners are under the mistaken belief that a duct cleaning will address their air quality concerns. When in fact, the duct work is often not the only issue.

Gina advised me that often, the air quality issue is related to 3 items. The condition of the AC coil, the condition of the duct work, and the system’s ability to filter the air flowing through it.  The coil should be cleaned every 2-3 years to maintain an efficient system and remove microbial growth. The duct work should either be left as it is or replaced. Her technicians often find that in many cases, duct cleaning can damage the duct work. If the ducts are really that dirty, they should be replaced.

After these items have been addressed, the air quality now must be maintained.  The system’s ability to cleanse the air passing through the system is the paramount concern. The prevention and deterrence of new microbial growth on the coil are now the key to maintaining a healthy level of air quality. Forward Electric & Air Condition recommends the installation of a UV light system designed to kill germs and other microbial growth as it passes through the  AC coil. The UV light system installs inside the AC.  It naturally kills microbial growth inside the air system. This and the periodic changes of the AC filter can vastly improve and maintain air quality.

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