Home Inspections

JCM Building Services Does Home InspectionsA Home Inspection performed by JCM Building Services, will provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with the functions and conditions of your home.

At JCM building Services, we feel that every Home Inspection is an educational opportunity. We include much more than a list of observed deficiencies in our Home Inspections. Whenever possible, we make recommendations about items that may need monitoring, possible maintenance, or suggestions about how the home is aging and situations you may wish to address. We cannot foresee failures or breakdowns before they happen. But we can recommend that you monitor the size of a floor crack, remove a tree limbs close to the roof, or add gutters that are contributing to the deterioration of the siding. Our Home Inspection will educate you about the home your buying and assist you in making a confident decision about your chosen property.

Do you live out state or for one reason or another can’t be in the area? We specialize in helping out of state buyers with their Home Inspection and Insurance Inspection needs. You can sign you agreement and inspection from ANY computer, pay by credit card, and have your inspection delivered in crystal clear quality to your computer. No faxing, no stress.

At JCM Building Services every inspection can benefit from Thermal Imaging. For this reason, all of our Home Inspections include Thermal Imaging!