Insurance Inspection

JCM Building Services Does Insurance InspectionsYou and your insurance company are partners in making sure that your’re protected against a loss incident. With proper insurance, if the unthinkable happens to your home, you’ll be made whole.

With that said, however, you do want to make sure that you’re not overspending on your insurance. In fact, your insurance company offers reductions in your premium if you take certain steps to protect your home.

With an insurance inspection you want to make certain that you are identifying any hazards and correcting them. An Insurance Inspection can also confirm that you’ve taken the necessary steps to qualify for any discounts.

More details on the nature of our Insurance Inspections can be found on under Wind Mitigation – which includes a Citizens Roof Condition Certification and 4-Point Inspections.

Home Inspections aren’t just for home buyers. Existing home owners can benefit as well with the peace of mind and potential savings that an Insurance Inspection can provide.