Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors “InterNachi®” sets forth a Home Inspections Standards of Practice for its members. We adhere to their standards of practice. Here is the full text for the InterNachi® Standards of Practice.

InterNachi® updates its Standards of Practice from time to time as requirements change and evolve. We monitor those changes to make sure we remain in compliance with the standards. You can always check the link above to make sure you are reviewing the most current standards.

In addition to setting forth practice standards, InterNachi® sets forth a Code of Ethics that details a member company’s duties to the public, duty to continue their education, duty to the profession and duty to InterNachi®. The full InterNachi® Code of Ethics can be found at this page.

Similar to the InterNachi®  Standards of Practice, the InterNachi®  Code of Ethics is subject to change. Please refer to the link above to for the most current code.